Property Tips

Technology has made the world a smaller place and various online property platforms around the globe now make it possible for prospective buyers to search for a property in their comfort.

Buyers wary and consider the following
A. Do not pay any money before viewing or meeting the seller unless you have extra-relationship/ knowledge 
✔️. Internet scams and online fraud is rife so always be extremely cautious.
Verify reputable agencies and be wary of private sellers who might not be legitimate

✔️. While pictures can give you a general feel of a property, this is not enough as they can be extensively retouched or improved to create a misleading picture of the home.

✔️. Educate yourself as to the market-related prices within the area/s you are looking at. If you do this you will be able to eliminate grossly overpriced properties from the get-go and save a lot of time.

✔️. While many buyers today begin their property journey as “remote buyers” it is still crucial that at some stage they visit the property themselves or send a representative they trust completely to view it on their behalf. This is an absolute must before putting pen to paper.

✔️. Before visiting a property with an agent, verify the agent and/or the agency they work for. If an individual, don’t accept a meeting in odd hours.

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