Debt Collection Agency

Eco-Ethics and Development professional debt collection offers unique and competitive services. Further, Eco-Ethics and Development Ltd debt collection agency would not have come at a better time than now when there is great need for professional system of debts collection on behalf of business persons, companies and institutions. We are founded under the pillars and principles of prudent credit management.

Credit management has evolved from being a pure accounting function into a first end customer facing function. The business community has lived on the hope that whatever is sold on credit will automatically be paid back. These assumptions have proved not true and very costly with non-performing debts no available solutions. As a result, many companies have been forced back to the drawing board to find out the reason for the escalating debts.
In an age when credit begins to play an ever increasing role in the world, both in commercial and consumer sectors the knowledge and expertise of credit practitioners becomes a vital function in any organization in order for it to achieve its goals and objectives
In this era, many organizations have suffered in the hands of bad debts and volatile business condition of the recent years which have created problems of cash flow and interest charges never encountered in the post economies. Companies large and small have closed down as a result of non-performing debts.


Our main aim is to help our customers to

  • Minimize losses that occur due to bad and delayed debts
  • Guarantee growth and expansion due to cash flow improvements
  • Maximum overall profitability from trading by effective collection
  • Help develop proper and clear collection systems
  • To get a workable and liberal credit policies.