Debtor Information


The Client shall, when transferring a debt, submit to Eco-Ethics and Development Limited the following information:

  • The full name and full address (physical and postal) of the Debtor (Contact persons e.g. Chief Accountant, Director, etc).
  • Debtors national identification number (where available) or in the case where this is not available, the passport number and/or alien registration certificate number where the Debtor is not a Kenyan citizen or (in the case where the Debtor is a company or a registered business) the certificate of incorporation or certificate of registration of business and details of the registered office (as the case may be) of the Debtor;
  • All current telephone and mobile telephone contact number(s) of the Debtor known to the Client at the time of referring the debt to Eco-Ethics and Development Limited;
  • The amount in the relevant currency of the Debt as at the date of Referral of the Debt to Eco-Ethics and Development Limited (including a breakdown of the principal amount and accrued and capitalized interest and any other fees and charges payable by the Debtor to the Client under the Contract;
  • In cases of dishonored Cheques, a copy of the bounced Cheque signed by the relevant party.
  • A brief history of the client`s conduct and payment pattern.
  • Terms and mode of payment agreed on with the customers.
  • Date of last payment made by the Debtor to the Client;
  • A description of the underlying contract between the Debtor and the Client in respect of which the Debt is payable (the “Contract”) and, if required by ECO-Ethics and Development Limited, a copy of the Contract/Facility Letter and if the Debt arose other than from a Contract/Facility Letter, details of such transaction; stamped and certified copies of invoices, delivery notes, statements of Account and Initial Public Offering-IPO certificate (where applicable);
  • Names, telephone number and contact details of personal referees if available and/or applicable to the Referred Debt;
  • Details of the Debtors employer(s) and employers’ contact details where available and/or known to the Client;
  • Such other reasonable information as may be requested by Eco-Ethics and Development Limited during or after the due diligence process which may include, inter alia, demographic information, credit information and other historical data of the Referred Debtor.