Our Consultants

Environmental Studies & Community Development
Dr. Stephen N. Nyaga, PhD (Environmental Studies and Community Devt.) Director, Eco-ethics & Devt Ltd
Position: Landscaping Project Co-odinator /Team Leader of Firm of Experts;NEMA Lead Expert.
Task: Overall supervision, Quality control, Liaison with client and coordination of the landscaping work.
Environmental Studies & Community Development
Eng. Janet Mwende, (BSC Construction & Civil Engineering)
Position: External Construction Projects Manager
Task: Supervise the masons who are involved in External construction work, construction of water features, rock gardens, and any other agreed external construction work
Environmental Studies & Community Development
Mr. Polycarp Mogusu, (BSc. Environmental Horticulture & Landscaping Technology/ Landscape Architecture & MSc ( Environmental Planning & Management)
Position: Assistant Projects Coordinator/ Consultant Landscape Architect & Plant Scientist).
Task: Assists Directors/Project Coordinators in Quality Assurance during development and implementation of agreed Landscaping projects activities
Environmental Studies & Community Development
Eng. Elkan Kagunda BSC (Construction Engineer
Position: Specializes in Building Construction & Interior Finishing
Task: Supervise fabrication, setting and installation of Children recreation/ playing facilities.
Environmental Studies & Community Development
Shaquille Mburu, BSC (BSc. Environmental Horticulture & Landscaping Technology)
Position: Landscaping Projects Supervisor
Task: Assists in development of landscape architectural drawings Works with Civil & Water Engineers in construction of water features & setting up of adults & children recreation facilities
Environmental Studies & Community Development
Meshack Khamala, BSc. Environmental Horticulture & Landscaping Technology)
Position: Alternate Landscaping projects Supervisor
Task: Assists in supervision of landscaping work; Facilitates planting of appropriate grass, plants and flowers
Real Estates Development and Management

Mrs Beatrice W. Njoka, (MBA)- (Managing Director, Eco-ethics &Devt Ltd)
P.O. BOX 666, Ruaraka 00618
Cell Phone No. 0722-866497

Real estate development and Management

Mr. Stephen Kagunda (B.A Real Estate Management)
P.O Box 666-00618
Cell phone 0707379651